You can access your VPS from anywhere and everywhere.

Most forex traders find that once they start trading, they want to be able to trade wherever they are. Whether you trade casually or for a living, it’s annoying to be tied down to your home computer when the markets are open.

With a VPS , you can access MetaTrader 4 from any computer with an Internet connection. You could be at a friend’s place, at an Internet cafe,overseas vacation–the world is your oyster.



Faster trade execution.

Providing you select a VPS that is located close to your broker’s MT4* server (which you should always do), your VPS will give you faster trade execution than if you were to trade using just your home computer and Internet connection.

Also, with a VPS you can expect the Internet connection from the server to be stable and not busy with other traffic. Without a VPS, every time someone uses the Internet connection in your house (to, for example,download a movie), your trade execution will be slower. With a VPS, your trading has resources dedicated to it alone.

Power and Internet backup makes trading more secure.

Stability is one of the major metrics by which a computer system is measured. A highly stable system will run for a long time without any problems and without needing to be restarted. The length of time a computer system has been running without an interruption is known as ‘uptime’ (the opposite is ‘downtime’).

If you choose a quality provider for your VPS, you can expect a very stable system and therefore a lot of uptime. Why? Because the provider will have put time and money into ensuring that the power supply that they have is uninterruptable, and the data that they host is securely backed up.



Flexibility. Turn off your PC and continue to have your trading programs run.

With a VPS, your trading programs aren’t running on your home computer. This means that you can turn off your computer without having to worry about them: they’ll just keep running on your VPS. You could experience a hardware or software problem with your home computer,have a power outage, get a virus, even suffer a house fire, and it wouldn’t matter to your forex trading. This is a powerful advantage in terms of flexibility.

Currently SynergyFX is partnering with BeeksFX to bring you a FREE VPS** to enhance your trading experience.

Why BeeksFX for Trading with SynergyFX?


To apply for a BeeksFX VPS just follow this simple 2 step process:

  1. Complete the application form and email it to
  2. Go to the BeeksFX website and register your interest with BeeksFX HERE.

** Terms and Conditions apply, please contact us for further information.