Top 3 Benefits of Trading Precious Metals

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Published on 25th June 2018

Precious metals such as gold and silver have always been considered prized and highly coveted possessions. From ancient Egyptians and Romans, kingdoms and empires in early history accumulated them for religious, artistic and financial purposes.

Today, precious metals remain an attractive investment in the form of jewellery, gold coins and bullions.

According to the World Gold Council, in 2017 the growth in demand for gold bars and gold coins was driven by Chinese investors who bought on price dips.

In the meantime, India remains one of the biggest consumers of gold for jewellery. Combined – India and China are the two largest markets for gold, they account for more than 50 per cent of current global gold demand.

Gold as safe haven

As an investment vehicle, up to now, gold is considered a safe haven asset, which is why the price of gold usually shoots up during times of uncertainty. Many people still consider physical gold as a valuable asset in their portfolio.

Precious metals in your mobile phone

Aside from its attraction as a precious metal, gold is also being used in various industries because of its metal characteristics. In fact, the World Gold Council also reported that the volumes of gold used in technology continued to increase quarter-on-quarter. This is mainly driven by the demand for memory chips due to increasing production of smart phones and other mobile devices.

Similarly, demand for silver is on the rise due to global production of high-tech gadgets.

Of course, another way to get both gold and silver in your phone is via the Synergy FX mobile MT4 platform. By doing this you can view the price and chart of Gold, Silver, Oil, Forex, Indices and more.

How to trade precious metals?

Whether you are inclined to accumulate gold and other precious metals in their physical form or not, there are many different ways to trade them to capture the constant price movements.

Given the demand from jewellery buyers, bullion investors and electronics manufacturers, it is safe to say that demand for precious metals will be ongoing for the years to come.

Today, one of the easiest ways to trade precious metals is through a trading platform provider like SynergyFX. Using our MT4 trading platform, you can buy and sell gold and silver along with commodities – WTI Oil and forex pairs.

Benefits of trading precious metals

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio or to expand the range of markets you trade, precious metals can provide diversity and access to a liquid market.

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Top 3 benefits of trading precious metals

    • Precious metals can be traded long or short. This is important because it means you can take advantage of trading opportunities whether the precious metals prices are going up or down.
    • Another benefit of trading precious metals using online trading providers such as SynergyFX is you are trading in non-deliverable contracts. This means you are not expected to deliver or take delivery of the physical gold or silver you want to buy or sell. You are only dealing with the price movements of these assets.
    • Trading precious metals is done on margin, which gives you the chance to allocate a small percentage of your trading capital to open a precious metals trade. This also gives you the leverage factor which means you can access a relatively large position with a fraction of your trading capital. At SynergyFX, we allow you to trade Gold at 100 to 1 leverage. This means you can control a $100,000 position in Gold with $1,000 of trading margin.

    However, as leverage can magnify winnings and losses, you have to keep this in mind when trading precious metals. Due to leverage, it is possible to lose more than your initial starting capital.

    One of the key things to remember when trading precious metals, particularly if you’re new to trading, is to start with small position sizes. Once you are comfortable with the market your trading and your strategy, you can increase your positions and exposure accordingly.