Trade the USD/CAD on Our Lowest Spreads

Trading the USD/CAD gives you exposure to one of the most traded currency pairs in the world.

Backed by the United States and Canada – two of the most stable economies in the world – this currency pair attracts a high level of liquidity and volume among traders worldwide. Commodity traders also trade the Canadian dollar – a member of the commodity bloc of currencies due to its correlation with the oil price.

Canada is one of the world’s biggest exporters of oil, which means any movement in oil price may have an impact on the Canadian dollar.

Professional and institutional traders actively trade the USD/CAD as part of their strategic hedging, risk management and overall trade management.

The Dollar CAD ranks highly among all traders who want to capture the liquidity offered by this currency pair.

Important Contract Specifications for the USD/CAD

Contract size:
0.01 contract. This means you can trade as little as one micro lot or 1/100th of the 100,000 USD/CAD contract.
Margin required: 0.5%. Therefore, to hold $100,000 worth of USD/CAD CFDs you would need $500 in margin.
Comm.: There are no commissions on the USD/CAD CFD.
Spreads: Floating. This means the spread will be low during active market hours and higher during market hours.
Smallest contract size: 1/100th of a contract. You can trade as little as 1/100th of the 100,000 USD/CAD contract.
Price per point: $US10. For every full contract you have, each full point movement will be $US10. A mini contract is $US1 and a micro contract is $US0.10.
Available on social trading: Yes
Liquidity: We source our liquidity for the USD/CAD via a number of global liquidity providers.

Why trade the USD/CAD CFD?

There are a number of benefits of trading the Dollar CAD CFD with Synergy FX. These include:

  • Low margins starting at just 1% allowing you to access more opportunity
  • Small contract sizes allow you to scale in and out with ease
  • Excellent liquidity allowing for excellent trade execution during fast-moving markets
  • Access to both profit taking, stop loss and trailing stop orders
  • Price alerts can be set to notify you on screen or via email
  • Robots, scalpers and hedging welcome
  • Free unlimited access to our exclusive Education Portal

Trading hours for the USD/CAD CFD

Sessions Quotes Trade
Monday 00:00-24:00 00:03-23:59
Tuesday 00:00-24:00 00:01-23:59
Wednesday 00:00-24:00 00:01-23:59
Thursday 00:00-24:00 00:01-23:59
Friday 00:00-23:57 00:01-23:57

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Why Synergy FX ?


  • The Canadian dollar (CAD) is also called the ‘Loonie’ in the forex market because the image of the common loon, a popular and well-known bird in Canada, is used in the one dollar coin.

  • The Bank of Canada opened its doors in March 1935, operating from rented premises in the Victoria Building on Ottawa's Wellington Street.

  • In an effort to save taxpayers about $16 million annually, new versions of the loonie and toonie were introduced in 2012 made from steel. Older coins were made from nickel and copper.

  • The USDCAD is one the most closely-linked currency pairs because of the strong economic and trading relationship between the two countries. Canada’s main export partner is the US, which receives 76.2% of Canada’s total exports. Likewise, the US is Canada’s main import partner, which accounts for 52.2% of total imports.

  • The Bank of Canada stopped issuing $1,000 bank notes in 2000 as part of the fight against money laundering and organized crime.

  • 2004 was Canada's year of peak counterfeiting: 553,000 phoney bank notes were passed. For every million in circulation that year, nearly 500 bills were fake.

Trade the USD/CAD CFD today by opening a live or demo MT4 trading account.

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