Trade the Dow Jones US 30 Index

Trade the DJ30 Index CFDs on Our Lowest Spreads

The Dow Jones US 30 Index is one of the most actively traded instruments among traders the world over. This Index represents the 30 largest blue-chip stocks in the US and is used as a bellwether for other global markets.

Traders who want to capture the size and liquidity of the US markets use the Dow Jones Index as their preferred trading instrument.

Within the Synergy FX MT4 platform, the Dow Jones index is called the DJ30.

Important Contract Specifications for the DJ30 Index

Contract size:
1 contract. This means you can trade as little as 1 DJ 30 Index CFD.
Margin required: 1%. If you were to open two contracts and the DJ 30 Index was trading at 24,000 points, your total position size would be $US48,000, and your margin would be 1% or $480. $480 of your money as margin would control the total position.
Comm.: There are no commissions on the DJ30 Index CFD.
Spreads: Floating. This means the spread will be low during active market hours and higher during market hours.
Smallest contract size: 1 CFD. You can trade as little as 1 DJ30 Index CFD.
Price per point: $US1. For every contract you have, each full point movement will be $US1.
Liquidity: We source our liquidity for the DJ30 index via a number of global liquidity providers.

Why trade the DJ 30 Index CFD?

There are a number of benefits of trading the DJ 30 Index CFD with Synergy FX. These include:

  • Low margins starting at just 1% allowing you to access more opportunity
  • Small contract sizes allow you to scale in and out with ease
  • Excellent liquidity allowing for excellent trade execution during fast-moving markets
  • Access to both profit taking, stop loss and trailing stop orders
  • Price alerts can be set to notify you on screen or via email
  • Robots, scalpers and hedging welcome
  • Free unlimited access to our exclusive Education Portal

Trading hours for the DJ 30 Index CFD

Sessions Quotes Trade
Monday 00:00-24:00 01:00-23:15, 23:30-24:00
Tuesday 00:00-24:00 01:00-23:15, 23:30-24:00
Wednesday 00:00-24:00 01:00-23:15, 23:30-24:00
Thursday 00:00-24:00 01:00-23:15, 23:30-24:00
Friday 00:00-24:00 01:00-23:15

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Why Synergy FX ?


  • The Index was co-founded by journalists Charles Dow and Edward Jones.
  • The Dow Jones Industrial is the second oldest US market index after the Dow Jones Transportation Average.
  • The biggest one-day percentage loss for the Dow Index was recorded on 19th October 1987 when it went down by 22.61%
  • As of October 2017, the top 5 companies (by market capitalisation) in the Dow Index all belong in the high-tech sector. Top ranking is Apple with US$806.65 billion capitalisation, second is Alphabet/Google with US$676.92 billion, third is Microsoft with US$608.21 billion, fourth is Facebook with US$497.40 billion and fifth is Amazon with US$467.30 billion.
  • On 19 March 2015, Apple replaced AT&T, which had been a component of the Dow Index since November 1916. Apple became the fourth company traded on the NASDAQ to be part of the Dow Index.

Start trading DJ 30 Index CFD today by opening a live or demo MT4 trading account.

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