Trade Crude Oil on Low Margins

Crude Oil Trading with Synergy FX

Crude Oil trading is one of the most popular commodities among professional and retail traders. Trading the WTI contract gives traders direct exposure to oil – a critical commodity that is high in demand in today’s industrialised world.

Trading crude oil can be subject to geopolitical issues and other high-impact events that can cause volatility in the markets. But the fact that WTI can be traded long or short means there are opportunities to take advantage of price movements in both directions.

At Synergy FX, you can trade WTI crude oil along with other Commodities that we offer in our MT4 trading platform.

Important Contract Specifications for WTI Crude Oil CFDs

Contract size:
1000. You can trade as little as 0.1 CFDs on our WTI contract.
Margin required: 1%. If you were to open one contract and buy $US10,000 worth of WTI CFDs, then your margin would be 1% or $US 100.
Comm.: There are no commissions on the WTI Crude Oil CFD.
Spreads: Floating. This means the spread will be low during active market hours and higher during market hours.
Smallest contract size: 0.01 CFD. You can trade as little as 1 micro CFD.
Price per point: $US10. For every contract you have, each full point movement will be $US10.
Available on social trading: Yes
Liquidity: We source our liquidity for our WTI CFDs via a number of global exchanges and price feeds.

Why trade WTI CFDs?

There are a number of benefits of trading Crude Oil CFDs with Synergy FX. These include:

  • Low margins starting at just 1%. Please keep in mind that Crude Oil CFDs are leveraged products and extremely volatile. You must understand the risks involved.
  • You can trade from just 0.01 CFDs or a micro lot.
  • Excellent liquidity allowing for excellent trade execution during fast-moving markets
  • Access to both profit taking, stop loss and trailing stop orders
  • Price alerts can be set to notify you on screen or via email
  • Robots, scalpers and hedging are welcome
  • Free unlimited access to our exclusive Education Portal

Trading hours to buy and sell WTI Crude Oil CFDs

Sessions Quotes Trade
Monday 00:00-24:00 01:00-24:00
Tuesday 00:00-24:00 01:00-24:00
Wednesday 00:00-24:00 01:00-24:00
Thursday 00:00-24:00 01:00-24:00
Friday 00:00-24:00 01:00-23:45

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Why Synergy FX ?


  • Crude oil is considered an important currency and economic barometer. Its price can be volatile at times and can be subjected to geopolitical tension, weather events and production issues.

  • The fact that oil is priced in US dollars, it becomes more expensive as the US dollar loses value.

  • US restrictions on offshore drilling are affecting oil supply by locking up an estimated 7.6 billion barrels of oil.

  • Texas has enough crude oil reserves to fill up almost 1,862 Empire State Buildings.

Start trading WTI today by opening a live or demo MT4 trading account.

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