• Instant access to international markets
  • Diversify investments
  • Free unlimited access to exclusive Education Portal
  • One click order execution
  • Intuitive charts and graphs
  • Auto trade from your PC, mobile or tablet – no downloads required
  • Connect with and follow other talented traders
  • Copy their trades automatically
  • Low deposit
  • Practice with Demo account
  • No performance fees
  • Easy to use interface


Synergy FX are delighted to offer you the latest cutting edge social trading platform that provides you instant access to global markets in an environment where you can watch, copy and auto trade other traders' positions.

The social trading stream contains the last 100 live trades placed by other traders as well as pending orders and updates placed by other members of the trading community.



  • The Social Trader ranking system makes it easier for you to find and select traders. Filter by Top Ranked, Most Copied and Most Profitable to find a trader you want to copy.
  • See the Risk Level for an indication of your chosen trader's attitude to risk
  • Explore the detail of their Portfolio: their trading summary, the mix of their currency pairs and even the performance of each individual trade they have made
  • Profit when they profit.


Once you’ve found the traders you want to copy, simply click on “Copy” to start automatically copying their positions. You will be asked to specify the percentage of your funds you want to allocate for copying. The amounts for the copied trades will be calculated accordingly. 

Benefits of Social Trading

Social Trading is the latest innovation in not just the world of Forex trading but in the financial markets in general.  Combining elements of social media and online trading, this new development brings cutting-edge technology together with access to the strategies of the most experienced and successful traders.

Earn While You Learn

Social Trading allows novice traders the opportunity to develop their skills whilst potentially making money.   Signing up with Synergy Social also provides access to our fully comprehensive education portal.

Enhanced & Hyper-focused Learning

Learn from experienced traders.  Monitor the results of their strategies and use their success to fine tune your own trading approach.


Discuss market events and their impacts upon the market.  Exchange ideas, ask for advice and follow the discussion of other traders.

Help Development Risk Management Skills

Having the ability to monitor both successful and unsuccessful strategies can be extremely useful when attempting to better your risk management.  Put this knowledge to use when developing your own strategies so as to minimise the risk on your investment.

Remove Personal Bias

Watching and monitoring other traders enables you to broaden your thinking on your approach to different assets and thus removing any personal bias you may be holding.  Trading in conjunction with others can be a way of keeping your emotions in check before reaching for that panic button.  The wisdom of a crowd tends to be more accurate than the individual.

Diversify Your Investments

Social Trading allows novice traders the opportunity to develop their skills whilst potentially making money.   Signing up with Synergy Social also provides access to our fully comprehensive education portal.

Test Before Implementation

Before going live with a newly formed strategy, or if you're still deciding the about the approach of another trader, you can always run it first within our demo environment.

Social Proof

Nothing quite instils trust in a newly adopted product or tool than seeing the results of like-minded people.  Synergy Social Trader is the perfect environment to develop your confidence in your trading ability whilst connecting with both experienced and novice traders.

Learn more about Social Trading

Watch our educational videos below and discover all you need to know about Social Trading.

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What Our Clients Say

  • In the entire time I have been with Synergy FX, I have found them to be quick, reliable, well-organised, helpful, and surprisingly committed to my success. I am an ant-sized trader (under 10K), and SynergyFX still treat me as if I had an important account. My account manager Damien, promptly responds to my requests, and calls me when he feels a conversation is more appropriate. Damien and the Synergy FX team is, in my experience, one of the very best I have dealt with.
    Shelley Katz
  • I have been delighted with the outstanding performance of one of the Synergy Financial Markets FX products (Ichi Scalper). The FX product has outperformed all of my expectations consistently over the last six months. Synergy Financial Markets staff are personable and approachable with any investor questions and I appreciate their sound diversification advise and risk management strategies.
    Glen Fisher
  • I have been trading FX for nearly ten years with mixed success until I started with Ichi scalper in April 2016. My funds have more than doubled in four months and I have been able to withdraw money quickly and easily. My account manger is always been available with helpful advice when needed. Exactly what I want from my Broker.
    Richard Anderson
  • I have been trading with Synergy FX for about 4 years.  They are always so helpful.  The Ichi Scalper EA is excellent the whole round year.


    I would recommend for a conservative earning about over 100% per year.  It's hard to find a broker that has an EA for customer to trade.
    Dusit Pravasenung
  • Amazing - Very helpful from the start! Made quick money with very little experience.
    Andrew R
  • I've been running their Ichi Scalper expert advisor for quite a while now and couldn't be happier. Customer service is great, my account manager is readily available even though I'm on UK time and I'm now taking full advantage of their new education resource.
    Ray O'Connor

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