MT4 Trading Hours

Synergy FX trading hours are outlined below. The MT4 server times and charts are GMT+2 or GMT+3 (when New York Daylight savings takes effect). These allow for our charts to run off of a 5 daily candle week. All of our FX currency pairs trade 24 hours a day with a break for two minutes between 23:59 to 00:01.

Each week trading begins on Monday at 00:03 and closes Friday at 23:57. This slight delay and breaks have been put in place to help prevent the widening of spreads during this time when liquidity providers go offline and spreads may widen.

For further symbol specifications please Right Click on the symbol in the 'Market Watch' area and select 'Specification'.

FX Currency PairsDaily Trading Hours (server time)
All00:01 to 23:59 (Monday open 00:02 and Friday close 23:57)

MetalsTrading Hours (server time)
XAUUSD01:00 to 23:59 (Friday close 23:57)
XAUAUD01:00 to 23:59 (Friday close 23:57)