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For a limited time only, membership to the Synergy Strategy is now being offered as part of a fully comprehensive and enhanced package.

The Synergy Plus Membership Package will feature an array of products and services including a refund of $1 per lot of our brokerage fees on accounts funded with a minimum of $50,000.

Also, to enhance your profits further, any clients wishing to refer a friend or family member, will receive $2 per lot on any referred account opening.

Not only this, but all new members to the Synergy Strategy will receive free access to:

  • our Education Portal, giving you over 70 tutorial videos;
  • an account on our Social Trader platform where you can watch and copy the trades of some of the best in the industry;
  • you will be kept abreast of the latest market developments by way of our expert market commentary emails;

All this comes as standard. As does the best of our customer service: a dedicated Account Manager and 24/5 out of hours support. Read on to learn more detailed information about the Synergy Strategy, about Funds Management in general or if you want to get all this immediately, you can get started HERE.


Our flagship investment vehicle is the recently launched Synergy Strategy.  This is more than a collection of trading algorithms which never sleep.

The Synergy Funds Management team utilises extensive market experience as Inter-bank desk Traders, Risk Managers and Market Analysts, to generate the best possible return for your investment. To ensure the Synergy Strategy will always be performing at its best, the team will always strive to research advancements and improvements with our methodology, and create viable opportunities in ever-changing market conditions.

The Synergy Strategy trades a variety of asset classes including foreign exchange contracts and gold.

You will be allocated a dedicated and trustworthy Account Manager who will be able to discuss the results with you, and happy to aid you during your time with us. You can request to review your investment, and they will be keeping you informed of any exciting changes to Synergy, or the trading strategies.

But you don’t need to take our word for it; below you can see the results of Synergy’s bi-weekly market commentary and trade recommendations that have been delivered to our clients for over a year. We have taken these trade suggestions and simulated the return by using the entry and exit points.

The results show over 30% returns in that time, a very healthy outcome by anyone’s standards.

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Synergy has been operating in the Foreign Exchange space since 2011, met with a high demand for money managers to trade on behalf of clients from the very beginning. The development of the Funds Management Team has taken years of networking, research, testing, and fine-tuning to build the foundation for stability and growth.

Where our advantage shines is having a broker’s behind-the-scene knowledge of trading habits, and how markets and traders react to news announcements and fundamental data. We have used this insight to map a strategy and team which is robust and adaptive.


The foundation of the trading method is based on years of experience working in Financial Markets honing skills learned with traders and Asset Manager at Investment banks.

During this time, the Portfolio Manager collected experience in managing FX flows as required, interpreting technical indicators and being alert to fundamental high frequency data points and announcements from Government and Central Bank officials.


The Trend following system uses a combination of 3 internal momentum indicators: RSIs, 20day MA and directional parabolic. This is overlaid on a daily time series vs 4 hour time series to find entry and exit points.

Trend construction then takes place with Fundamental knowledge of markets applied.


Our strategies consider a range of tradable contracts including spot margin foreign exchange contracts, equity indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies, which are analysed continuously to identify expectations of short term moves.

A risk adjusted portfolio is built with a view to maximize the return of the strategy within predefined risk constraints. The strategy aims to be profitable in both rising and falling markets.

Synergy Strategy Performance Report

Download and view the Synergy Strategy Performance Report for all current and backtest results.

More detailed reports setting out individual trades can be provided upon request.  Just drop us a line by completing the form below and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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  • Safety - your funds are held in a segregated account in your name.
  • Security - withdrawals and deposits can only be made by you alone.
  • Carefully risk managed with low leverage.
  • Fully regulated in Australia.
  • Proven track record.
  • Profits available in both rising and falling markets.
  • Transparency - monitor your investment on any device.
  • Blending technical and fundamental provides the edge.
  • Available in AUD and USD
  • 20% performance fee (with high watermark), 2% p.a. management fee

For a limited time, new members can also receive a brokerage fee refund of $1 per lot.  We'll automatically apply this when you open your account.


Membership to the Synergy Strategy
Customised Monthly Performance Reports
Dedicated Account Manager
24/5 Customer Support
Free Bi-Weekly Market Commentary
Free Access to Education Portal
Free Access to Social Trader Platform
MT4 Platform Download
$1 Per Lot Brokerage Fee Refund
For Every Referral, Receive $2 For Every Lot Traded

Synergy Standard


Minumum Investment

  • Membership to the Synergy Strategy
  • Customised Monthly Performance Reports
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24/5 Customer Support
  • Free Bi-Weekly Market Commentary
  • Free Access to Education Portal
  • Free Access to Social Trader Platform
  • MT4 Platform Download
  • $1 Per Lot Brokerage Fee Refund
  • For Every Referral, Receive $2 For Every Lot Traded
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With managed funds, a fund manager or team of fund managers buys and sells investments aiming to outperform the market or a particular benchmark.

Instead of investing directly and doing it all ourselves, we can invest in a managed fund where our money is pooled with other investors’ money and spread across different kinds of investments. A fund manager chooses the investments, and each investor owns a portion of the total fund.


Investing in a managed fund is an easy way to achieve a level of diversification within your investment portfolio. This type of investment allows you to invest in one or multiple asset classes such as shares, property, fixed interest and cash.

The beauty of a managed fund is that because your money is pooled with that of other investors you get access to investments not usually available to individual investors. Not only that, but managed funds are managed by investment professionals on your behalf.

You can get started with as little as $10,000 as an initial investment and set up a regular savings plan, of say $200 per month, or make additional investments to your fund at any time.

Although managed funds make it easier to invest, there are still some decisions to make such as choosing your fund type and investment mix.


An expert fund manager and their team carry out research to pick the fund’s investments. They will make decisions about both the overall strategy and balance of the fund, such as what proportions to invest in which sectors or countries or, for an equity fund, picking shares in individual companies.


When investing in a managed fund, you’re able to leave it to the professionals to make the decisions for you.

Managed funds can be a great way for beginners, people who are too busy to do it themselves, to enter the world of of investing, as it doesn’t take much to get started. Managed funds also make it easier to manage risk by spreading our investments across a range of assets and products.

It can be possible to earn income from managed funds as well as getting capital gains when the value of our units in the fund rises.

You don’t need to have in-depth knowledge of the technicalities of the markets nor the fund strategy – the beauty of a managed fund is that you can take full advantage of our expertise.


Are you looking to make a potentially higher return on your investments than a fund that tracks an index?

Do you want a fund manager who actively seeks to outperform the market or sector?

Are you looking for growth and/or income potential over the long term?

Do you have existing investments elsewhere but also want to have an actively managed element within their portfolio?

Are you looking to diversify their portfolio with a range of funds?


Answering "yes" to any of the questions above could indicate that our services are right for you.   Read on to learn about our flagship fund, The Synergy Strategy and the current limited time offer.  Or, if you're ready to join, simply click the button below.


Once you are satisfied that our Synergy Strategy is aligned with your own risk appetite and personal objectives you will then need to open an account by completing this application form here.

After investing an amount of your choice (minimum deposit applies) our highly skilled professionals place trades on your behalf as opportunities across the global markets occur.  Every trade placed uses our strict money management rules established by our team of professional traders.

All monies deposited remain in your name and only you can withdraw them.

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Check out below some of our frequently asked questions.

What are the startup and ongoing costs? +

There is no fee to join Synergy but each product carries it's own performance and management fee. Please refer to the relevant PDS for each strategy.

How do I apply and what is the process? +

You apply by completing the form on the Join Now page. You will be asked for some basic personal details and then linked to our application process.

Because this is a regulated product we are required to ask a number of personal questions which include basic assets and liabilities – what you own and what you owe. We have a responsibility to check that investing in our products will not cause you financial difficulty.

The application also includes questions about your approach to risk. A personal application may require about 15 minutes to complete. Once your application is complete an identity check is performed, and for overseas applicants you will be required to provide some government photo identification and also proof of your residential address – this can be an utility bill, bank statement, rates notice or similar.

When your application is approved (please allow a couple of days) you will be issued a Statement of Advice that shows we understand your investment objectives and consider this investment suitable for you. Overseas applicants are required to sign and return this. You are then invited to fund your account, and once that is done the trading starts automatically. You’ll also be advised of your account number and password. For the Argonaut Strategy, you’ll be provided a link to download the Metatrader software so you can monitor your investment whenever you wish.

What trading experience does the team at Synergy have? +

Synergy Funds Management is an independent Australian Financial Services provider that focuses primarily on currency management. We are an innovator in the Individually Managed Account space and the products and services we provide are of the highest quality.

Synergy's services the needs of the full spectrum of investor profiles including High Net Worth Individuals, Superannuation Fund Trustees, Corporate Accounts and Private Clients alike.

The team behind Synergy has decades of combined trading experience and has achieved significant results. It is this know-how and continued drive to excel that has allowed us to provide you with a range of high yield investment opportunities.

Is Synergy regulated? +

Synergy Financial Markets Pty Limited (Synergy) is based in Sydney, Australia and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Our Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) number is 403863.

ASIC requires licensed financial services providers to meet strict capital requirements and to implement strict internal procedures including risk management, staff training, accounting and audits.

All client funds are held at fully segregated client trust accounts held at Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) and HSBC.

Client funds are kept separate from Synergy’s company funds and – if Synergy were to become insolvent – will not be used to pay back creditors.

Synergy Financial Markets Pty Ltd is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). This is an approved Australian external dispute resolution scheme that can deal with complaints about all of the financial services that Synergy provides under its AFSL.

How do I access my money? +

You have live access to your money using the trading software we provide. You can deposit or withdraw funds from your account at any time.

Is the Risk managed? +

Yes, the Risk is managed manually at ALL times to take into account changing markets conditions enabling the Synergy traders to minimise unforeseen scenarios as well as capitalise on any new trades.

Where is my capital held and are the funds safe? +

Client funds are held in the safety of our Client Trust account with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA). These funds are held separately from our operation funds.